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Instead of Targeting Champion, the Big Four Most Realistic for MU

Instead of Targeting Champion, the Big Four Most Realistic for MU

Instead of Targeting Champion, the Big Four Most Realistic for MU

Manchester Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal again asking fans to be realistic about the team’s goals this season. Rather than thinking about the heroics championship titles, four targets that must be obtained by the ‘Red Devils’.

The arrival of Van Gaal, who has plenty of experience and achievements in previous clubs, made ??a lot of MU fans think that this season will be after the resurrection they slumped last season.

Plus looks okay during the preseason, MU was directly used as one of the strong favorites to win the Premier League behind Chelsea and Manchester City.

But so far everything is still not as expected because MU fails to win the first two games in the league and eliminated third division MK Dons in the League Cup second round, after a crushing 0-4 defeat.

Naturally, if then Van Gaal began to be questioned, although it is too soon considering the season has just started and the MU players were hit by the crisis, which makes Van Gaal trouble concocting the best tactic.

So that Van Gaal for the umpteenth time reminded that the target MU this season is not to be champions, but bringing them to qualify for the Champions League this season after missing the European competition.

Only after everything goes well, in terms of technical and nontechnical, Van Gaal was going to talk about the championship trophy.

Prior to 1 September, I gave every player an equal opportunity not good for any new manager to say I want 11 new players‘. Process takes time and we are building a new team,” said Van Gaal was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

I hope we can be successful and this season we are targeting the big four, as clubs such as Manchester United‘s place in the Champions League,” he continued.

Then maybe the next step is to become the next champions league and win the Champions League, but it all takes time. Lot of clubs who want to be a champion for this and always failed.”