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Keane Call Mourinho Less Festive, Can Can punch

Keane Call Mourinho Less Festive, Can Can punch

Keane Call Mourinho Less Festive, Can Can punch

Dublin Aston Villa assistant manager Roy Keane calls Chelsea manager as being brash. This was based on the action Keane Mourinho last September.

On September 27 and Chelsea’s 3-0 win over Villa who came to Stamford Bridge. Before the match finished, Mourinho was seen visiting the Villans bench and tried to greet Keane and Villa manager Paul Lambert.

At that time Keane with cool Mourinho refused a helping hand. At the launch of his autobiography, The Second Half, Keane revealed the reason. Because the game is still going on,” he said as quoted by the Mirror.

I do not mind (shook his hand) but the game is still going on. Was embarrassing, I‘ve never seen him do that to another manager, it’s a despicable act,” said Keane.

According to the former Nottingham Forest and Manchester United, Mourinho action is going to get an extreme response if done in the Sunday League match refers to the match on Sunday which commonly played teams of nonprofessional English.

“The game is still going on,” said Keane again. You would not do it on Sunday morning, you will be knocked out.”

When asked again whether Mourinho has acted brash, Keane replied, How do you think? Was a stupid question. Yeah, (brash Mourinho action).”