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Vidal Juve Reportedly Fined USD 1.5 M

Vidal Juve Reportedly Fined USD 1.5 M

Vidal Juve Reportedly Fined USD 1.5 M

Turin – Arturo Vidal absence in the starting line-up when Juventus beat AS Roma 3-2 believed to be related disciplinary action. Chilean footballer must pay the consequences with hefty fines.

Vidal started the game off the bench to replace Andrea Pirlo in the 79th minute. Local media believe that Massimiliano Allegri was deliberately menepikannya not for reasons of strategy.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport edition on Monday (6/10), Vidal punished for coming late to practice last Friday. The punishment was severe. 27-year-old midfielder fined up to 100 thousand euros, or about USD 1.5 billion.

The amount of fines Vidal was touted proportional to the magnitude of the disappointment felt by the club. The reason, apparently too late Vidal came in the morning practice session earlier in the day after returning from Madrid. This makes the Bianconeri patience has reached its limit.

Vidal behavior speculated that he has opened a way out of Turin. As is known Vidal toned linked with a move to Manchester United last summer but yet nevertheless occur.

To remove Vidal from Juventus Stadium, Manchester United are believed to have to spend 45 million euros to be approved by Juve. As reported by the Italian Football.