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Vidal While Trying Return to Optimal Performance

Vidal While Trying Return to Optimal Performance

Vidal While Trying Return to Optimal Performance

Santiago Arturo Vidal-related decline in performance was criticized today. But it does not have to worry for long because Vidal is currently looking to improve his performance.

Vidal in recent months are not in the best condition. This is all due to a knee injury that happened to him and made ??him to have surgery before the last World Cup was held.

But it was not enough considering the operation time of rest Vidal less numerous and he was harassed during the summer speculation about his future at Juventus.

Vidal mentioned will leave Juve and join Manchester United but was denied by the player and the club. Naturally, if the later appearance Vidal declined.

But some people think the appearance Vidal declined because he did not like Juve obstructing intention to go. Peak last weekend when he was just so counter substitute in the match AS Roma and tipped a fine by the club for disciplinary action.

However Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli ensure that foster children were fine. Currently Vidal just focus to restore the best performance.

I saw in his eyes that he wanted to go back so that Vidal has shocked the world,” said Sampaoli told Football Italia.

I do not know what happened in Turin, his knee is fine, and I only care about her appearance here,” he continued.

New this season Vidal appeared five times in all competitions and made ??two goals for a total of 343 minutes appearance.