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Almost Tig with Osvaldo, Icardi Apologize

Almost Tig with Osvaldo, Icardi Apologize

Almost Tig with Osvaldo, Icardi Apologize

Turin Inter striker, Mauro Icardi, almost quarreled with his own, Dani Osvaldo, because of missed opportunities well. For the incident, Icardi was apologize.

Incident involving Icardi and Osvaldo it happens to match Juventus vs Inter at the Juventus Stadium, Wednesday (07/01/2015) pm dawn. Both teams drew 1-1 after goals from Carlos Tevez in the first half rewarded by Icardi goals in the second half.

In the circumstances at 1-1, Inter several times pressing the Juve defense. Icardi alone get some chances. One is when a counterattack Beneamata terminated by Lukas Podolski, who was on the left side, with mature feedback to the wicket.

Icardi who ran to the front of the goal Juve intend to grab the bait. Damn him, his legs failed to reach the ball and the chance was gone.

One other opportunities created several minutes before the finish. Again preceded by a counter-attack and this time the ball is in the foot Icardi.

He has a choice: give the ball to Osvaldo who was on the right side and are in a better position free or send a breakthrough to Podolski who ran into the penalty box from the center.

In the end, none of the options taken Icardi. He chose to dribble and kick from outside the penalty box. Kick bounced and opportunities Inter had failed again.

Osvaldo outraged by it. He then went Icardi shouting and confronted him. Osvaldo could have stood face to face with Fredy Guarin Icardi if only did not drive and tried to calm him down.

Things like that are common in the field, but off the pitch we were fine,” said Icardi as reported by Football Italia.

I am guilty, I should pass the ball. But, I see no gaps and kicked.”

With this result, Juve still at the top of the standings with a score of 40, one point ahead of AS Roma in second place. Meanwhile, Inter are at number 11 with a value of 22. Inter are now within eight points of the inhabitants of the top three, Lazio.

The season is still long and we will try until the last moment to get third place,” said Icardi.