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Claimed Pogba could leave Juve Year or Year Home

Claimed Pogba could leave Juve Year or Year Home

Claimed Pogba could leave Juve Year or Year Home

Turin – Paul Pogba Juventus claimed to be leaving this year, or at least the next year. The claim was made by Mino Raiola, agent Pogba.

Pogba is currently being linked with a number of top European clubs such as Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid, although recently signed a contract last October to June 2019. According to Raiola, the Bianconeri will be benefited if eventually remove Pogba.

“If they (Juventus) do not sell Pogba, they would not have the money to build a team to win the Champions League,” said Raiola on Football Italia.

“If they want to keep it then they have to build a team that is strong enough so that Paul could continue to grow but if they do not sell them then they would not have the money to melakuanya.

“Pogba’s departure should be taken into account regardless of what then would they do with the money. When they sell (Zinedine) Zidane, it makes a new cycle for them,” he said.

Related to that Raiola was later stated that his client is likely to be moved from Turin this year or even next year. Moreover, there are also many people who must have been ready to accommodate the 21-year-old French midfielder is.

“How long will last Pogba in Italy? All the clutching the card, let’s see who is going to bet. PSG is the most natural: if we want to go, who can forbid? But I do not know what the right card to be played today, “said Raiola.

“Did he survive? Extend the contract (with Juventus) easy, I would not extend the contract if it creates a problem with Juve or weaken Paul. I want those who believe him to pay a premium price. If Paul left Juve, he wants to do to be able to peak.

“So if not this year then next year. For the time Paul has a good reputation and equal pay so that he could survive another year,” he said.

According Raiola, Pogba is the only top-level players who can be just removed his club, with players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and certainly would not removable their respective club. Raiola also lightly clubs respond to certain statements that claimed no interest with Pogba. The reason, he assesses the ability Pogba undoubtedly make ogled clubs on board.

“Just a big star he is available in the summer, if someone wants it then the price could even above 100 million euros, if you can not get Ronaldo, Messi or Ibra then there’s only him. Real Madrid? The more they told me not want him, the more glad i. Such was the case. Today they say not interested, tomorrow it could be wearing a uniform, “its value.

“An agent should handle the interests of the players, and it may be related to what the club wants. But sooner or later you have to choose. For example, if (Manchester) City willing to give Juve 110 million euros for Pogba, but Real bid 80 million euro. such as in this case Paul chose Real then there will be a war between me and Juve. He is a player Ballon D’Or, like (Pavel) Nedved, “Raiola knot.