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Light rays Pogba

Light rays Pogba

Light rays Pogba

Turin – Paul Pogba shows why top European clubs willing to line up to get his autograph. Pogba from day to day more shining brightly with Juventus.

The match against Chievo Verona at Juventus Stadium on Sunday (25/01/2015), Juve won 2-0, becoming the latest stage greatness Pogba. The young French midfielder was instrumental in the win.

The first goal of the foot Pogba Juventus born. He had the ball outside the penalty box and fired a shot sniper who tore Chievo goalkeeper.

Pogba also have a crucial role in the creation of Juve’s second goal. He showed remarkable technique in controlling cross from Simone Padoin, then fired a volley from inside the penalty box. Shot can still be dammed Chievo goalkeeper, but the ball rebounded into the goal Stephan Lichtsteiner completed.

“I think Pogba scored an incredible goal and the second goal was also an outstanding assist from him,” said Juve coach, Massimiliano Allegri, to Pogba, told Sky Sport Italia.

“To win, you need great players. If not, then there will be no players were bought for 100 million euros. As with other professions, there are levels,” he added.

“Paul was very calm, focused, and a smart boy. He wants to evolve and he proved it in every training session,” said Allegri.

With his goal against Chievo, Pogba means always scored in his last four games with Juve. He has packed eight goals in 25 games this season. At Juve, he only lost productive of Carlos Tevez (18 goals).

“The new Pogba 21 years, he has another 10-15 years before him, and more importantly he has the quality to perform much better than now,” said Allegri.