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Lippi at Juventus: Pogba Sale Only

Lippi at Juventus: Pogba Sale Only

Lippi at Juventus: Pogba Sale Only

Turin Unlike many who suggest Juventus retain Paul Pogba, Marcello Lippi has a different opinion. Juventus actually advised to dump the young star was shining in Europe.

Pogba show more polished performance this season with Juventus. Individual actions more spectacular, while its contribution to the Bianconeri are also getting bigger.

Already digandang digadang will be a big star since a few seasons ago, Pogba really have demonstrated maturity. These conditions made her a target of many top European clubs.

With great potential dipunya, Pogba certainly has the tag of very expensive. Unlike some who suggest Juventus suggested retaining the French youth, Lippi instead proposed removing Pogba‘s former club.

Sell Pogba will make Juventus earn huge amounts of money. And the money from the sale can be used to strengthen the squad. Juventus had to do that when the selling Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid.

When I returned to Juventus, (Gianni) Agnelli called me and said that he had to sell Zidane. When he was the best player in the world, but they gave us 77 million euros. He told me not to worry, because they will spend the money. We bought (Gianluigi) Buffon, (Pavel) Nedved and (Lilian) Thuram. Uniting them and still win, Lippi story in an interview with Italian Skysports.

Of course it would be a great sacrifice, for Juventus to sell Pogba, but there will be large amounts of money that would allow them to buy three or four players in order to maintain consistency,” said Lippi in Italian Football.

Juventus gush two periods (1994-1999 and 2001-2004), Lippi is one of the most successful coach ever dipunya Old Lady’. In total there are 14 titles given for Juventus, including five Scudetto and the Champions League trophy.