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Pull Attention Van Gaal, Januzaj Speed Boost

Pull Attention Van Gaal, Januzaj Speed Boost

Pull Attention Van Gaal, Januzaj Speed Boost

Manchester – Frequency appear Adnan Januzaj this season decreased compared to when Manchester United polished David Moyes. Demi can consistently get a place in the starting eleven, 20 year-old player was practicing hard.

Januzaj get rations appear fairly. Throughout the season, the Belgian international players down in 27 Premier League matches and struck four goals and three assists.

However, the portion of play he actually decreased this time. New Januzaj appeared 16 games and have not contributed anything.

Highlighted her appearance even when Manchester United face Arsenal in the quarterfinal round of the FA Cup. Januzaj action drop weight in the penalty box without any contact with anyone. The referee also raised a yellow card.

The age of the game, Januzaj determined boost performance. Because, he realized they had a lot of work to improve her appearance.

“I do a lot of exercise in the gym. I tried to be faster and stronger so I can be solid every time go to the field,” said Januzaj as quoted by the official club website.

“I hone short balls, sharpening, and if I play further back then I could keep a distance with akselerasiku,” he said.