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Parma For Sale, Price From USD 278 M

Parma For Sale, Price From USD 278 M

Parma For Sale, Price From USD 278 M

Parma – Once declared bankrupt, Parma now begin to be released to the public for sale. For anyone who is interested in buying, the club early valued around 20 million euros, or about Rp 278 billion.

Last March in the Italian court sentenced bankrupt Parma due to the club could not afford to pay the debt swelled to around 218 million euros. This condition makes the management of the club could not pay the daily operations including paying the salaries of the players.

This condition makes Parma also deduct points three times with the last one minus four points, so it is still stranded at the bottom of Serie A.

To run the club until the end of this season, Serie A has helped authority funding. But after that Parma obliged gets new owner in order to save the future of the club.

Thus the management of Parma also advertise on their website that the club sold starting price of Rp 278 billion.

“Today, Judge Pietro Rogato bankruptcy matters, with the consent of the creditors committee, has given permission to the administrator Angelo Anedda and Alberto Guion to process the sale of Parma,” the official statement as quoted Soccerway Gialloblu.

“The sale which includes a formal offer will be limited until May 6, 2015. Prices start at 20 million euros.”

“If the time limit is no offer at all, latest auction will be opened on May 12, May 18, May 22, and May 28th.”

“For each auction, the initial price will be reduced by 25 percent from the previous. Both Italian and foreign companies can participate in this procurement process.”