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Mark Tontowi comeback with victory

Mark Tontowi comeback with victory

Mark Tontowi comeback with victory

Incheon Tontowi Ahmad returned to play after being sidelined for two months due to injury. Tontowi appear quite vibrant in the first game and keep the chances of Indonesia 2014 Asian Games gold medal.

Right foot ankle injury forced Tontowi absent in the Australian Open Super Series. He also did not take part in the World Badminton Championships and lost the chance to defend the title won last year. The last tournament followed by a mixed doubles specialist before injury is the Indonesia Open Super Series Premier, June.

Because absent in two major tournaments, Tontowi position and his partner, Liliyana, in the world ranking slipped from second place to fourth.

Asian Games 2014 will be the arena for Tontowi comeback. In the first round, he and his spouse serve Liliyana Nepal, Bikash Shrestha / Nangsal Tamang. Not experience significant obstacles, Tontowi / Liliyana won easily 21-4, 21-9 in just 18 minutes.

It’s been pretty good game, I also had to adjust to field conditions. Situation my ankle also is okay, no problem,” said Tontowi to after the game.

Opponent to be faced Tontowi / Liliyana in the second half is Yun Lung Chan Alan / Tse Ying Suet. Although superior in rank, Tontowi / Liliyana can not underestimate the Hong Kong partner. In the first half, Chan / Tse beat Hirokatsu Hashimoto / Miyuki Maeda (Japan) 21-12, 21-7.

Fight in the second half definitely heavier than today, but we do not want to think about it, we prefer to focus on the game. Maximal When playing, hopefully we can still be overcome,” said Tontowi.

“It should be open enough chances to win, but we should not be complacent. From the beginning of the game we have to concentrate and focus, because anything can happen,” said Liliyana.