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Torres Learn Much from Mourinho

Torres Learn Much from Mourinho

Torres Learn Much from Mourinho

Milan Fernando Torres claimed to have a good relationship with Jose Mourinho. Torres also has learned so much during Mourinho‘s men in Chelsea.

Torres worked with Mourinho at Chelsea last season. By Mourinho, the Spanish striker was much more reserved and only 23 times installed as a starter.

However, Torres had never protested or criticized Mourinho. He tried to be professional. Professional attitude is what makes Torres praised by Mourinho.

I have a very good relationship with Jose,” said Torres, Milan‘s official website.

When I was recruited by AC Milan, he prayed for the best for me. He talked about the city of Milan passion for football and I am sure he will adapt well,” he added.

I learned a lot from him as a coach. Perhaps in the future our paths will meet again,” said the former Atletico Madrid and Liverpool players this.

I am grateful to Mourinho for his words. I do not need to say anything else. We must always act and play as a professional,” he said.

Torres to leave Chelsea at the end of last week. He moved to Milan on loan for two years.