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A week of USD 1.8 M, De Rossi Highest Salary in Italy

A week of USD 1.8 M, De Rossi Highest Salary in Italy

A week of USD 1.8 M, De Rossi Highest Salary in Italy

Jakarta the highest paid player in Italy turned out just’ be 100,000 pound sterling a week, or about USD 1.8 billion. The status is held Daniele De Rossi at Roma.

Quoted from the Guardian, De Rossi Roma paid £ 5.2 million a year, or 100 thousand pounds every week. Although so the top in Serie A, Italian international midfielder salary is still far less than the top players who play in the Primera Liga and especially Pemier League.

As an illustration, Wayne Rooney is currently being paid £ 300,000 a week (USD 5.6 billion). Rooney is the player with the highest salary in the UK. While Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi got sepekannya 200,000 pounds, equivalent to Rp 3.7 billion.

Gazzetta dello Sports is a published list of player salaries Italy. Salary discrepancy between Serie A and other top European leagues is considered as an illustration of how the Italian League is now increasingly left behind.

In Serie A, Juventus became the most widely club to spend money to hire the player. But the figure is still small compared to the Premier League. Two of the top players Juventus Arturo Vidal and Carlos Tevez can be paid 60,000 pounds ($ 1.1 M) a week while starlet Paul Pogba received 26,000 pounds ($ 492.3 million).

Some players who play in England previously had to accept pay cuts in large numbers while crossing to Italy. Fernando Torres Milan paid only 60,000 pounds per week, whereas at Chelsea he gets 175,000 pounds a week (USD 3.3 billion).

Even so with Nemanja Vidic is a £ 50,000 salary at Inter Milan, while Micah Richard sepekannya be 26,000 pounds at Fiorentina.

For the category of coach, Rafael Benitez so the owner of the highest salary after he received 2.8 million pounds of Naples for one year. Still from Napoli, paid 4.4 million a year poudsterling obtained Gonzalo Higuain makes it the second highest-paid player after De Rossi.