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Cahill Accused Diving, Mourinho Defending

Cahill Accused Diving, Mourinho Defending

Cahill Accused Diving, Mourinho Defending

London Hull City manager, Steve Bruce, Gary Cahill has been accused of diving when his team defeated Chelsea 0-2. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, sure Cahill does not do the accused.

The incident occurred after Cahill had already received a yellow card. Chelsea central defender was then fell in the penalty box Hull without contact when his team ahead 1-0 with a quick goal Eden Hazard.

Although a penalty not given to Chelsea, but the referee Chris Foy did not punish Cahill since been diving. Though two other Chelsea players, Diego Costa and Willian, given a yellow card for the action. That’s what makes Bruce inflamed.

He (Cahill) is an English center back. He deliberately wanted to ask for a penalty but when you see it again, it acts like a dance Swan Lake. It was very striking, very clear on what he’s trying to do,” gushes Bruce.

In the countries of Latin, it was given a round of applause but people enjoy the Premier League because of the honesty and integrity. It was not a difficult decision, you hope the referee will do its job. You have to make a decision. Look at the repeated recording and no one will be justified.”

However, Mourinho did not agree. I do not believe Cahill diving,” he said as preached Telegraph.

And if you said I was wrong because he had to do it then something has happened. They were blocking his run or they touch it or he loses his balance. But the big players and to be honest it? I do not believe he was diving in the penalty box of the opposing team,” said Mourinho.