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If the situation at Liverpool Not Coming Changed, Will Rodgers Fired

If the situation at Liverpool Not Coming Changed, Will Rodgers Fired

If the situation at Liverpool Not Coming Changed, Will Rodgers Fired

Liverpool Liverpool‘s performance under the direction of Brendan Rodgers is now completely criticized the club’s former player, Steve Nicol. If the situation does not improve soon, Nicol even predict Rodgers will lose their jobs.

Liverpool has just knocked out of the Champions League, although still entitled to penetrate the Europa League, following a 1-1 draw when the host Basel. The results also make the Reds are already without a victory in the last two games after a goalless balanced at home to Sunderland in the Premier League Liverpool are now glued in position nine board standings.

If the situation does not change then Brendan eventually be affected. If this team continues to perform as it is now, I think they will have no choice (besides sacked Rodgers). We have not even halfway through the season and I suspect most people do not predict Liverpool will can finish top four, Nicol value on talkSPORT.

Now we are going to get a lot of information from the next transfer window. He has spent a lot of money and the question whether the Fenway Group will support him in the transfer market? If not, it reflects that he only had the second half of the season to at least make it look better,” she said.

Nicol, who played at Anfield in the period 1981-1994 and also won five titles plus the top caste English Cup / Champions League, surprised really see the appearance of The Red’ unsatisfactory. He also mentions the squad Rodgers such has no direction.

The biggest surprise was how bad appearance. Results opponent Basel entirely a disaster in many aspects. The level of performance, the fact that they were knocked out of the Champions League, and the fact that they now appear in the Europa League which will only hurt their pace in the Premier League,” he said .

You really have to guess to figure out which direction this team. He has been trying to add players to make the squad so it’s better but the result was quite the opposite. It’s a team that really erratic direction. If you watch the game opponents Basel and the game against Sunderland, they do not seem to have imagination when attacking and when last did not look solid. This is a difficult time for Liverpool, “said Nicol.