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To Be Great team, Chelsea Must Seize Trophy Used

To Be Great team, Chelsea Must Seize Trophy Used

To Be Great team, Chelsea Must Seize Trophy Used

London – Jose Mourinho had called fosterage Chelsea team this season has become a great team. But, Roy Keane and Paul Scholes did not agree with the claim that Mourinho. Keane and Scholes challenge Chelsea to win the championship trophy as proof of their greatness.

His Chelsea Mourinho this season is likely to champion in three different competitions. They currently lead the Premier League, qualified for the final of the League Cup, and still persist in the last 16 of the Champions League. As in the FA Cup they stopped in the fourth round.

“His hard work is to build a great team and we are a great team,” said Mourinho told ITV, ahead of the first leg of the Champions League last 16 against Paris Saint-Germain.

“We’ve been working hard, which is to build a great team. Now it’s just a matter of uncertainty in football,” he said.

However, Keane did not impressed with the greeting Mourinho. According to him, Chelsea had won more victories to qualify as a great team. In addition, the Blues also have to prove his prowess through championship trophies.

“I think they have the potential to be a great team. He (Mourinho) course is a great manager, but they must be supported by a number of trophies,” said Keane was quoted by the Daily Mail.

“Call them as a great team at the moment just nonsense,” he said.

After the match against PSG that ended 1-1, Keane added: “It was not a great performance. Chelsea are very poor in defense,” he said.

Scholes agree with Keane, a former teammate at Manchester United. He also challenged Chelsea to prove yourself first.

“Over the past four or five years you have to win trophies every year. A bit too early to call them are a great team,” said Scholes.

Chelsea won the trophy last is the Europa League trophy in 2013 ago. The last trophy Mourinho is the Spanish Super Cup trophy in 2012 when he was working at Real Madrid.