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10 Years Fasting goal at Anfield, Rooney Could End the ‘curse’ that?

10 Years Fasting goal at Anfield, Rooney Could End the ‘curse’ that?

10 Years Fasting goal at Anfield, Rooney Could End the 'curse' that?

Manchester – Not only Manchester United who have a mission targeting three points at Anfield tomorrow night. There is also Wayne Rooney who seeks complete the ‘curse’ of 10 years without a goal in the Liverpool cage.

Both teams involved in the fierce competition in the top when they are only separated by two points, where MU is in fourth position with 53 points and Liverpool at the bottom with 51 points.

The victory will bring a big impact for a second trip in the rest of the team this season, especially for MU that seeks to return to the Champions League after last season’s total failure.

MU will certainly look forward to Rooney as the source of their goals was to remember the 29-year amid sharply in recent years, with six goals in his last five games since returned to its original position as a center forward.

But okay at home to continue the performance of the Reds is not easy, especially for Rooney, who always looks bad there either when uniformed Everton and Manchester United. The last time Rooney made a goal at Anfield when Manchester United won 1-0 in January 2005, which was his first season at the club.

After that Rooney can only record two shots on target from a total of three shots on target in the stadium with a capacity of 45 572 spectators. From 10 last visit there, Rooney only making 9 shots, 1 assists, and seven times create opportunities.

Yet Rooney’s poor record not make the manager, Louis van Gaal, alarmed because he believes that his team captain will end goal of fasting tomorrow.

“I’ve also had the same experience when finished Dutch coach. Players will also have. It’s weird because I do not believe in the mystical, so we must also change the thinking about Wayne’s,” said Van Gaal in the Mirror.

“In some clubs, I also can not win in a stadium either as a coach or a player. But with other clubs, I actually won there,” he continued.

“I just heard about this (about the record Rooney at Anfield). It was very strange, but it is sometimes nothing like this – and I hope I can change it.”

“It could have been in a mental problem. I admit it, but I think Rooney did not like. He is an experienced player, I think he had often played at home to big teams in the world, so I think he should not be affected by the fans, stadium, or the like. ”

“But for Manchester United as a whole, Liverpool is not a friendly place. But I am now is the manager, maybe we can change it,” said Van Gaal.