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Bellissima, Perfetto, Juve!

Bellissima, Perfetto, Juve!

Bellissima, Perfetto, Juve!

Turin – Bellissima, perfetto! Beautiful, incredible! The words it seems fitting to describe the atmosphere of the house Juventus, Juventus Stadium, in the city of Turin.

Turin city temperature approaching 5 degrees Celsius stung to make this skin feels dry. Fortunately, the stadium atmosphere is warm enough thanks to the presence of thousands of Juventus who supports his team against Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia.

AFP can be an opportunity to visit Juventus Stadium, Thursday (05/03/2015) yesterday at the invitation of Fiat and PT Garansindo Inter Global. In the game almost the entire stadium filled Juventus tifosi. Except for one session only on the left side of the stadium that diperntukkan for fans of La Viola.

Juventus Stadium, built on the old enclosure Bianconeri, Delle Alpi, which previously used together with the ‘big brother’ Juventus Torino ie.

According to the official Juventus Stadium, Claudia Pianesi, who drove the group PT Garansindo Inter Global and Indonesian journalists toured in stadiums (Walk About) before the Coppa Italia semi-final match started, Delle Alpi was destroyed in 2008 and then rebuilt into a stadium that stands today.

“Everything is destroyed, then in 2009 began to be built again, and was inaugurated in 2012,” he said in Italian were translated.

On the occasion of the tour, AFP can see the locker room players, or see the cold tunnel, the term for the hall in the stadium where both players meet and line up before entering the stadium. Even Juventus also provide an opportunity for me to photograph the atmosphere on the sidelines when the midfielder warming. Crazy!

Some TV presenter busy chatting with the guests on the sidelines. There is also an Italian artist who was interviewed by Juventus TV.

In some parts of the stadium, you can see pictures of legendary players such as Michel Platini’s Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero, or Zinedine Zidane.

The stadium is certainly very modern. As stadiums in Europe in general, the Juventus Stadium also has a part to show off trophies and awards that have been achieved.

On the upper side of the interior of the stadium designed by Pininfarina automotive companies, there are symbols that indicate the amount of trophies achieved complete Juventus with his years.

In the stands above, there is a VIP box which incidentally occupied by AFP. VIP seats called Sky Box is ready for the big sponsors ‘The Mistress’. Call it brand like Nike, or Fiat. I sat in a special box for Fiat.

While enjoying a variety of typical Italian dishes such as lasagne and Polo Arosto (grilled chicken), or other beverages, was enjoying the game.

“Anyway Bellissima, perfecto !,” said Chief Marketing Officer PT Garansindo Inter Global, Rieva Muchsin.

Occasional sound of invective Juve tifosi VIP audience sitting in the box Juventus. Sky Box Juventus is located just next to his Sky Box Fiat. Whether to whom the invective they say, but certainly to the audience in the main grandstand VIP Juventus.

“It’s a bad words,” said Nicoleta, a beautiful woman from the agency Juventus, with a smile, when I asked about the meaning of words shouted by Juve tifosi.

But Juve tifosi screams were halted when Mohamed Salah scored his goal against Juventus two. But they continue to provide support despite Juventus finally have to admit defeat of his Fiorentina.

At the end of the game, it turns out we were given the opportunity to meet some of the players of Juventus. Wow

“This is part of the Walk About,” said Claudia Pianesi.

One by one the players of Juventus emerged from the locker room hallway and greet us, some fans that are specifically allowed Juventus to greet them. Their faces are a little grim after losing, as Paul Pogba that seem to run a little limp. Pogba is not willing to approach when we asked him to take pictures.

But fortunately, the other players can still be cheerful and giving autograph or pose.

“I do not understand football, but want to be photographed with a football player,” said PR PT Garansindo Inter Global, Faby Tsui, which excited when posing with Gialuigi goalkeeper Buffon.

Experience around the Juventus stadium is fun and unforgettable. Anyway Bellissima!