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Nine Week Left, Soton Sure Can Seize Four Position

Nine Week Left, Soton Sure Can Seize Four Position

Nine Week Left, Soton Sure Can Seize Four Position

Southampton – Competition in the top four of the Premier League heats up entering the last nine weeks. Southampton optimistic be pushed in this determination period and finished fourth.

Unless Chelsea are almost certainly safe in the top six teams will still be a tight battle in the rest of the season to compete for three tickets for the Champions League. While this Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United are in a row sitting on the order of two-four in a superior position, while the other three teams still eyeing.

Three teams are Liverpool, Soton, and Tottenham Hotspur. Of the three, Liverpool so the team that his chances to oust City, Arsenal and Manchester United at most. Brendan Rodgers foster children are just two points from the ‘Red Devils’ in fourth position, being Soton and six points behind Spurs.

With the season, leaving only nine weeks, Soton and Spurs obviously need to reap maximum results if you want to improve the position and claim a place in the last four. Problem is, Soton quite optimistic.

“We entered into a series of games and we won a lot of them. You can see where we are in the league, we played very well,” said Nathaniel Clyne, Soton defender told Sky Sports.

“We’re trying to hunt down four large and there are many games left to play. We all really confident to reach the top four,” he said.

In the remaining nine weeks, Soton will still face a number of difficult and tricky game. Among face Everton, Stoke City, Spurs and City in the last week.