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Roma Wish Complete Rindu victory at the Olimpico

Roma Wish Complete Rindu victory at the Olimpico

Roma Wish Complete Rindu victory at the Olimpico

Roma – Balance become very familiar results AS Roma since the turn of the year. At home to Juventus, I Lupi hope back to winning ways and held a party that has long been absent celebrated at the Olympic Stadium.

11 games already passed Roma in Serie A since the turn of the year. Of these they have only lost once, but the number of victories obtained is also very minimal which amounted to three. The remaining seven games, complete with equally strong results.

Host Juventus on Tuesday (03/03/2015) pm dawn, Rome hoping to get back to winning ways. Made by Rudi Garcia’s squad targeting full points for the cut distance menjurang now nine points between them. In addition, Rome also determined the victory party held again in front of their own supporters.

“We really want to make a celebration at the Olimpico. I am sure all the players will give their best and we have to perform vigorously on what we from Rotterdam (2-1 in the Europa League). To have a team with a performance of 100% , they have to feel the love of the supporters, “said Garcia, Football Italia.

It’s been a long time Rome did not achieve full points at home. Final victory party obtained in the presence of his own supporters are currently beating Inter Milan on November 30th with a score of 4-2. After the results obtained in the stables are four draws.

If the return lost from Juventus, Roma opportunity to fight for the Scudetto will be thinner. Garcia did not expect it because he thinks I Lupi was born to be a champion challenger.

“Fate of Rome is to win, to be the Scudetto challengers and we hope also occur in Europe sometime this. We have to prove ourselves ready for this destiny. These words I extend to those fans who have not won a lot of titles,” continued him.

“We will not berenti this season, but look at what is in the future of Rome and continues to prepare for future challenges. It will not be finished in a few days,” completion.